From the (casual) meeting of Alberto Forchielli and Fabio Scacciavillani with
UFFA, a cartoon production house, “CLAY ECONOMY” was born, a mini
series for a heterogeneous audience, from children to newbies on the
The idea, thanks to the nice and kind collaboration of the two famous
economics and finance experts, was to create small animated stories to
explain some topics that we hear every day but which are difficult to
understand: spread, stock market, system pension, inflation, globalization,
sustainability, cryptocurrencies, start-ups, exchange rates… what are they?
Alberto and Fabio explain it to Sofa, their talking sofa, on which they are
seated, which “doesn’t have a clue!”
The technique used is stop-motion, the most complex in the world of
animation, that is, the characters were made with clay and measure just over
20 centimeters. The set is the reproduction of a lighted room like a miniature
film set. The characters are animated step by step that is they are moved
with extreme attention, patience and precision 25 times in a second! Only
then do they appear natural in moving and expressing their thoughts with
realistic mood changes!
The aim is to try to attract the attention of the public with the bright colours
of clay and the funny jokes of the characters so that the teaching is such.
A challenge in the jungle of today’s audiovisuals that machine-gun us
making us almost immune and very little careful where instead, it is good to
understand why … “it is thanks to all these tours that the world turns” ..